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SELMOstudio Visual Tour

Discover an easier way to control every bit

Project Explorer

The project explorer shows you the project, the target system, the license, the project notes and the plant structure.

Plant Structure


A plant is divided into hardware zones. Here you can define variables for the entire system. Use right click for some extra functions (e.g. Add hardware zone, rename plant, ...)


A hardware zone is a mechanical area of a machine. Experience has shown that the division of various hardware zones is based on the division of the security areas. A hardware zone consists of several sequences.


A sequence describes the logical flow of a machine step chain. It consists of the logic layer and the system layer. There the sequences of the step chain are fixed and driver models are added.


Project Notes

Make your own project notes while you are modelling.

Logic Layer

The logic layer is used to pre-model the steps of the model on a graphic surface.

This graphic representation makes modelling the process a lot easier.

Assembly Layer

Here you can select, create or delete assemblies for your model.  

System Layer

In this area the program is modelled, the steps as well as the zones are defined and the machine statuses or monitoring are defined.

The SELMOstudio can also be connected to the PLC in order to follow the running program in real time.

Cross Interlock

Whenever a manual action should not be executed is defined here. At the same time, a message is generated for the operator. Never again incorrect operation or uncertainty in the operation of machines.


CMZ(Constanly Monitoring Zone)

Step-independent monitoring of inputs

CMZ stands for “Constantly Monitoring Zone”. It is constantly monitored by the system.

Whenever inputs need to be constantly monitored, such as fuses, air, emergency stop, temperatures, etc., then an entry at the correct level is sufficient. 

  1. CMZ in Plant stops the entire Plant
  2. CMZ in Hardware Zone(HWZ) stops entire HWZ
  3. CMZ in the Sequence stops only the Sequence

Monitoring and automatic display as text and alarm on the HMI included.
Tiresome copying and typing work is eliminated

SELMO Parameters

Makes the logic flexible to use and the system digitally visible

The SELMO standard has a parameter layer. The input and output data points are defined here. This makes the process flexible and adaptable.

Example: A saw that moves to a position and cuts where the position is reached. This is always the same procedure, but the position can be changed.

Or a drive with different speeds. All data in and out of the machine can be easily defined.

PLC Code structure based on SELMO

The modeled process with all steps and zones is generated directly as a standardized, error-free and hardware-independent PLC code according to IEC 61131-3.

It is displayed in this window.

SELMOstudio Samples

In SELMOstudio we have a sample of simple projects, to learn and understand how to work with SELMOstudio.

Open the SELMOstudio program and click on "tools" in the top bar:

Here you can choose from a list, a sample project, (new examples are constantly being added).

EVERY Bit Under Control

The unique BitControl combines logic and system. 

1 - indicates that a zone is in this state.

2 -  indicates the change of a zone. The system waits for an action, and only when this state has been carried out does it move to the next step.

0 - indicates that the zone will not be monitored in this step.