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SELMOstudio Functions

Many Functions for PLC-Programming

With the Modeller function, you can create sequences (state machines) and digitally document your machine system. This requires a change in thinking from transition-based sequence programming to discrete state modelling. This initial effort pays off quickly:

The integrated generator creates the sequence-logic software and the user interface automatically. With SELMO, you can process and display every possible bit pattern of a state machine. 

With the project explorer you create a project in wich you can manage the target system, the license, the project notes and the plant structure.

The PLC software is clearly structured in the SELMOstudio.

When modelling with SELMOstudio, the clearly defined process of the machine is shown with steps. These process steps always relate to zone types and the respective machine status.

The unified software structure is easy to understand and learn.

SELMO system tells you what is happening at all times, what to do, and what is missing in the event of a disorder. SELMO minimizes downtimes and maximizes system availability.

SELMOstudio takes on this translation effort for the programmer and generates syntactically correct, error-free software. As with any programming, the process steps must of course be formulated correctly in advance.

In manual mode, actuators can be moved or switched with manual control buttons.

The exact assignment of the individual bits in the program structure allows conclusions to be drawn from the display about each module or individual signal. This results in a quick error analysis, which shortens downtimes. If the process has been modelled correctly, troubleshooting does not require any programmers, since the deviations are clearly in the hardware.

The SELMO standard has a parameter layer. The input and output data points are defined there. That makes the process flexible and adaptable. Example: A saw that moves to a position and cuts when the position is reached. This is always the same procedure, but the position can be changed. Or a drive with different speeds. All data in and out of the machine can be easily defined.

The modelled process with all steps and zones is generated directly as a standardized, error-free and hardware-independent PLC code according to IEC 61131-3. Programmers can import the code into any type of controller that meets this international standard. SELMOstudio generates not only the syntactically error-free PLC code from the process description, but also the HMI for it.