SELMOstandard and Whitepapers

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  • Digitization from the bottom up 998 KB

    If every bit of the machine is visible, then they can upwardly transform the data into information and knowledge. BigData, IoT, smart production and digital twin can be gained through data of machine behavior

  • How SELMO makes your engineering much faster and better.125 KB

    SELMO can map any machine, any system and any automatic machine that is to follow clear production steps by means of PLC. With the SELMO tool, the converter can record all necessary inputs and outputs in bit-controlled manner. Depending on the application - new machine or retrofit - the process steps with SELMO are different, but always clear and unambiguous.

  • How SELMO makes every bit digitally visible so that machines run instead of stand still.229 KB

    With SELMO, you as a machine operator can purchase machines that are visible and verifiable as models right from the start. You get more control over project quality and machine operation, even if you don't understand much about engineering itself. With SELMO you have "every bit under control" and get ONE operating system that is hardware independent.