Selmo vocabulary

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Selmo vocabulary


The vocabulary about the basic Selmo terms:



We understand the plant as a collection of sequences and hardware zones.

Check & Lamps

The "Check & Lamps" area indicates which zones are paired, the status of the zones being checked and which bits in the matrix are connected to the zones.


CMZ stands for “Constantly Monitoring Zone”. It is constantly monitored by the system.

Code generator

The code generator in the background generates the error-free PLC code and the HMI from the data of the modeller.


The diagnosis checks at any time whether all conditions are correct.


The decision is an action to choose between two machine processes.

Hand & Control

The "Hand & Control" area indicates which zones may not be executed at the same time.


The hardware zone is a subdivision of the system and is often assigned to security areas.

Real-time diagnosis

The real-time diagnosis runs with the program and monitors that all machine steps run exactly as they should.

Error message

The user sees the error message on the HMI (on the display). The diagnosis makes it possible for an error to be reported and displayed immediately while the machine is running.


The graph or logic layer is the surface for graphical representation. It is used for machine planning.


The grid or system layer is the surface for linking sequences and zones.


The term “interlock” stands for interlocking. It becomes active when something does not go as planned - i.e. wrong.

Constant monitoring

The machine is monitored parallel to the machine process. It allows an immediate reaction to an error.

Manual mode

In manual mode, the machine can be operated with manually operated actions.

Machine sequence

A machine is made up of several areas. The sequence shows the execution of the various machine parts.


A machine can communicate with the user through messages. They indicate conditions for a further program run or error messages.


A project consists of various systems and their sequences.


Steps are states. They describe the state of the machine.

Step chain control

The step chain control is the logical function for controlling state transitions.


The studio consists of a logic layer, a system layer and a parameter layer.


Selmotino symbolically stands for the automatic code generation in the tool.


A sequence describes a machine process.

Sequence Cross

The sequence cross connects two sequences with each other.


A PLC program (programmable logic controller) is programmed on a digital basis and used to control a machine or system.